You Got This

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The first box of the 2018/2019 academic year and its SOLD OUT! For the September 2018 Unibox the theme was ‘You Got This’, a reminder to go for it and that yes you can reach your dreams.
This month we included:

  • Exclusive ‘You Got This’ Goal Planner, with a stunning cover designed for us by Haus of Heather, this planner is the perfect way for you to map out your goals throughout the academic year.
  • When we heard about Vitamin Coffee we couldn’t be more excited! Vitamins + Coffee together! The perfect way to kickstart the morning.
  • Anatomicals have the wittiest captions on every one of their products. This month we included to amazing products – the Replenishing Hangover Cream and the Cucumber Face Mask. Musts to face the first few months at uni! (Got the pun?! ;))
  • Talking of fresher flu what better prevention that the brand new Rescue Plus Berry Lozenges from Bach! Always a hit with our subscribers.
  • Healthy snacking is a survival must, and added protein is always a welcome bonus. Mountain Chips from Muscle Moose are delicious and packed with a protein punch! Use code Unibox25 to get 25% off your mountain chip order this month!
  • The quality of Oxford Notebooks is already well known and a classic for all of us. We love the velvety feel of the Touch notebooks we included this month, making writing notes extra comfortable! 
  • Past subscribers already tried the amazing brownies from Sweet Deceits – needless to say, we know you’ll love these brand new Salted Caramel Vegan Brownies! We even interviewed co-founder Laura HERE to learn more about the story behind the brand.
  • The Quote card of the month & The Tub Zine 

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