What NOT to do during Freshers’ week

Gearing up for freshers’ week can be a daunting experience, and combined with the start of a whole new chapter in your life, where do you begin?

Whether it’s deciding to reveal that embarrassing secret during a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’, or making a pact with your housemate to attend every single freshers’ event, there are definitely some do’s and dont’s for your first week at university. Follow these simple steps to avoid the inevitable during your first week of freedom!


1. Hiding in your room

Moving into a flat full of strange people, all wandering around with boxes of cutlery and bed linen, can be a daunting experience! 

You’re going to be living with these people for the next year, and no doubt, they probably feel the same way you do! So swing open your bedroom door, pop on the radio and say hello! (They probably aren’t as scary as you think) 

Same with societies – really go for it!

2. Upsetting the new neighbours
We all know the scene from Bad Neighbours where Zac Efron’s fraternity turn up in a quiet suburban neighbourhood and cause havoc, right?

He may be a hunk, but don’t be the Zac in your block, and keep the noise to a respectable level. Of course, a bit of Drake before hitting the club never hurt anyone, but stumbling around and screaming at 4am isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. It will come back and bite you!

3. Attending every single freshers’ event

The temptation to follow the crowd and hit the club during freshers’ week is a hard one to resist!

Don’t get us wrong, freshers’ week is going to be one of the most memorable weeks of your university life, but not only will partying leave you broke for the rest of the term, it will probably also leave you with a bad case of the freshers’ flu too!

“Go hard or go home” may be a great phrase, but trust us when we say, it may be good to get some beauty sleep now and again!


4. Eat only fast food

Pizza is delicious, we know, as are super noodles and just a plain ol’ packet of biscuits. Eat them! But maybe also eat some greenery. A bunch of bananas isn’t expensive, will keep you full, and your body will thank you. Yes, it’s an obvious point but sometimes those are the best.

5. Shag your housemate

Don’t sleep with your flatmates: OMG you cannot believe your luck! Xan is really fit. He’s also really interesting and has been to Bali! He’s got a tattoo and cares about the environment! But trust us, one night of fun (or the promise of many) is not worth the aggro. Do not dip your pen in the company ink. 

6. Forgetting why you’re here


When Freshers is over its time for what you really came here for… learning! Whether you’re an eager first year or a seasoned fourth, this piece of advice holds true: don’t forget to do the reading. Don’t worry if you don’t do all of it – you’re only human – but if you manage one article per module per week (that’s like, four readings) you will be in a stronger position than many. Make notes on the computer (copy and paste is your friend), with the full reference at the top of each document, and the page numbers of each quote you take. Future you will thank you

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