Unibox&Chill box

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The Unibox&Chill box was our most popular yet! It contains: 

  • Help me have a mindful of calm Spray from HelpMeOrganics , spray it on your pillow and in your bedroom before going to bed to create the perfect atmosphere to wind down. 
  • Note Pad book with 4 pads inside – because, who doesn’t need more cute stationery?!
  • Jalapeno Chilli & Kaffir Line Peanuts from Quibbles – healthy to go snacks that are baked not fried. 
  • Lavender & Lemon Shower Bomb from BubbleOff!. Let it melt at your feet and release a relaxing aroma with essential oils to get you all cosy. 
  • Honeycomb covered in dark chocolate from Mighty Fine . These are addictive – we’ve warned you. 
  • A milk & a vanilla chocolate stirrers from Choc-o Lait. Nothing is more comforting that hot chocolate. 
  • Bright colourful socks from BRYT . Our love for bright beautiful socks knows no bounds, we were ecstatic when we discovered bryt!  
  • A face wash gel from SebaMed . Stress = breakouts = stress ( I think that explains that.) 
  • The Tub Zine 
  • A motivational card 

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