Top 10 Funniest Exam Stories

We started asking around about exam mishaps to students (past and present) and the stories we got were better than we could have ever imagined! – sorry – not sorry. ENJOY!


1) “Once a guy came to an exam with an abacus. Like an old school ball counter. The exam said no calculators and he loop holed the hell out of that!” Will

2) “I studied politics of narcotics at uni (what it did to a country’s economy, how it affected the People etc) and for the exam we all went in with some liberal arts lot as our exam was at the same time in the same room. Our professor without really thinking asked all of the students: “can everyone who is doing narcotics please sit on this side of the room?” At which point all of the liberal arts lot walk over and take our seats. The prof then had to explain that she meant people studying narcotics and rather tactfully leaving out: doing narcotics.” James – St.Andrew’s

3) “I skipped an exam to go to Leicester to play mini golf for a friend’s birthday, I still got a 1st. ( The exam board made an error, my whole degree is based on a sham)” Tim

4) “I heard a funny story from a friend, the examiner said “time’s over, everybody stop” and one guy didn’t stop. When everybody finished going to his desk and pile their papers on it, the last student finally went to turn in his paper. The examiner was like “nope, you’ve had extra-time, you will have a penalty”, and the student answered “Excuse me, do you know who I am?”, the teacher said “nope, no idea”, so the guy just splits the pile in half, slides his copy in and runs off.”

5) “At Coventry University, theres a rumour.. if you ride into an exam room, on a white horse, you automatically get a first. Nobody has tried it yet… that I know of.” Lizzie

6) “Someone in the same exam as me let off a stink bomb. It was a really important set of exams, so they handed out tissues to cover our mouths and noses and we had to remain in the room!” Alex

7) “During an oral exam once I lost my hearing. But only of the question, I could hear my teachers discussing things between questions but every time they asked me something exam related all I could hear was a sharp “beeeeeeep” I ended up running out the room in floods of tears, a teacher came to find me and brought me back to the room and sat me back down, the exam commenced but this time as each teacher asked me a question they held up a piece of paper with the question on!”

8) “My friend hid a maths text book in a plastic zip-lock bag in the cistern of a toilet and kept asking to be chaperoned to the toilet pretending to have upset stomach but actually managed to check answers to about five questions!” Nick

9) “We once had a split subject exam room. It was important an third year exam and everyone was bricking it about how badly they were going to do. -I think it was three different subjects in the one hall – anyway the invidulator managed to hand out the wrong papers to each subject, there was a few sheepish glances around the room as we all realised what had happened. We all went on to sit the wrong exams! A tactical move as we were later given re-sits and had way more time to revise, it was our classes highest grades.” Ruiz

10) “My sister used to write hints and answers on her leg and covered it with her skirt. One day she wrote everything on her leg but when she went to refer to her ‘leg notes’ she realised she was wearing clear tights and writing onto them had doubled all the text leaving it unreadable.” Chloe

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