Supplier Showcase – Liz Harry Design

We worked with the fabulous Liz Harry for our February ‘Be A Unicorn’ UniBox and UniPocket. We asked her to share a little about herself and her work…

Describe Liz Harry Design for us.

Colour-loving designer.

We’re including some exclusive Liz Harry creations in our February UniBox and UniPocket. Tell us a little bit about them in your own words.

Many of my designs are lettering based, and the treats in the UniBox are no exception! They’ve a good reflection of the fun, joyful illustrations I love to create! 

When and how did Liz Harry Design come about?

I’ve been a freelance graphic designer for many years working in the music industry – you’ve probably seen a few of my album cover designs without realising! 

As much as I still enjoy working within music I yearned to create designs of my own volition that showcased my less serious design side. I also had a home life with 3 kids immersed in cartoons which wasn’t reflected in what I created – that’s when I started thinking I should just start designing my own projects.

What are you most proud of and what would you have done differently… and why?

I recently made a 14 piece rainbow skeleton pin – it’s the piece I’ve made that I feel really shows what I love and the kinda offbeat things I’d like to design more of!

If I could rewind time I’d probably go back and start making self-initiated work sooner! 

Did you go to University? Has it had an impact on what you do today? (If you didn’t go to Uni – please tell us about the path you took instead!)

I did go to uni… but I was put in a position of making a choice between uni life or going full time running my own fledgling business… back then it was all big rather than small-indie businesses… I think nowadays universities welcome students with a side-hustle, and probably encourage it! 
But I left, as the opportunities I was being offered through my start up felt very of-the-moment and I didn’t want to loose that momentum.

What tip would give any of our students who might be thinking about launching their own brand or business one day? 

Start small, try crowdfunding if you don’t want to take financial risks. Build up a following through socials and find your tribes. Hone in on your USP’s and target your customers as a whole person. Be transparent and genuine. An overnight success is like an urban myth… there’s always years of hard graft behind one… in my experience the best way to grow any business is surely and steadily one step at a time.

Tell us something about yourself that will surprise us.

Hmmmm… even on good days I fantasise about being a Barista! I think it’s for 2 reasons – the sociability of the role (which is the opposite of my freelance/solo, work-from-home-life) and that it seems a therapeutic task, and I love a good coffee! 

Finally… what do you do when you feel the need to treat yourself and show a little self-care?

And we’re back to coffee! Hehe!

Time with friends in a cafe or a visit to an exhibition are fab if I want some time away from the workspace. Otherwise a nap in the day is so luxurious in terms of self-care and simply can’t be beaten! One thing I have noticed I’ve been doing this last year is getting my nails painted when I have a moment  – it’s a little act of self care that’s practical (my hands feature in most of my product shots and marketing!) whilst still being a real treat!

Thanks Liz! We can’t wait to find out what our subscribers think of our collaboration with you.

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