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 In our December Unibox we’ve included an exclusive candle by literature-inspired artisan producer Grace & Honey (we are SO excited – it’ll be our first ever candle!). We caught up with Founder Becca to find out how her Company came to be…

Describe Grace & Honey. Grace & Honey is a candle and body butter company, heavily inspired by books like the ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ series by Sarah J. Maas and Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. I’m looking to expand in the new year to include some exciting new beauty products and eventually incorporate a whole range of bookish goodies.

We’re including an exclusive Grace & Honey candle in our December Unibox. Tell us a little bit about it in your own words. This candle has a really comforting fragrance that will keep you cosy all winter. It’s clean and fresh and reminds me of warm tumble dried jumpers. It has a frosty design with a touch of sparkle. 

When and how did Grace & Honey come about? Grace & Honey is a mash-up of two sides of my character. I’m quite a restless person and my mind is always in overdrive, so naturally, I take on a lot of projects to keep my brain and hands busy. I’m also creative and love craft projects so making candles and beauty products intrigued me and I wanted to see if I could do it. I’ve always been consumed by reading and literature so to have my products inspired by books just seemed like a natural fit. It has always been a dream of mine to turn my passion for reading into a living somehow and so to be able to do that, even if it is only part time at the moment, is perfect.

What are you most proud of and what would you have done differently… and why? I’m most proud of getting the whole business up and running. I tend to have grand ideas and passion projects but when it comes to the fiddly or boring things I can lose interest and move on to something else. I’m happy that I saw it through and persevered through the less exciting aspects to create a business that I not only love, but supplements my income.

If I did it all again I would probably come up with a solid plan before I started out. I’m always driven to get the ball rolling as soon as possible and then iron out everything else along the way. When I started out I had no clear direction or synergy regarding my business and it showed! The first few months were rough as I hardly sold anything, despite having an Etsy shop and the traffic it offered as opposed to a website at the time.

Did you go to University? Has it had an impact on what you do today? (If you didn’t go to Uni – please tell us about the path you took instead!) I went to the University of Huddersfield and studied Advertising & Media Relations. I think it has definitely helped in giving me a base knowledge of e-commerce as well as an invaluable understanding of marketing tools and how to implement them successfully. Despite that, a lot of things are still trial and error to work out what is a good fit for myself and my business and what isn’t.

What tip would give any of our students who might be thinking about launching their own brand or business one day? I would say to decide what you are most passionate about and then figure out how to make a profit from it. It’s hard to find the motivation to start a business, especially if it is to go alongside an already demanding job, if you are not passionate about what you’re doing.

Tell us something that will surprise us. As well as making products inspired by books, I also have a Youtube channel where I review books and just generally talk about all aspects of literature and reading. As well as becoming another hobby that I am extremely proud of and have managed to get to a position where I can make a little money from the advertising revenue, my channel also gives me another platform to promote my business. There’s even a discount code in the description box of all of my videos for my subscribers to take advantage of. 

Oh, and I have a pet Meerkat.

Finally… what do you do when you need to relax/unwind during the festive season? I’m big on maintaining tradition and am lucky enough to get two weeks off work over Christmas. You’ll probably find me in my living room in leggings and a big cosy jumper watching family movies I’ve seen a thousand times and eating leftover turkey sandwiches. Aside from that I’ll be squeezing in some time to play around with designs for some new products, spending time with my family and fur babies, and of course, reading.

Thanks for your time Becca. We can’t wait to hear what our subscribers think of your candle – we’re absolutely sure they will just LOVE it!

Catch up with Becca on Instagram or on YouTube and discover more about Grace & Honey’s products at

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