Students guide to interior design – cheap and effective tips for styling your new digs!

One of the most exciting things about heading off to university is the idea of having your own private space. A room all to yourself; a blank canvas to decorate as you please! But as some of you may forget, you’re on a budget, and not a very big one.

No doubt you have an idea of what you want it to look like in your mind. Whether you’re after a warm & cosy place to snuggle in the evenings or a cool and neutral working space to get your head down in. Follow these 7 simple steps for creating the room of your dreams on an affordable budget!


  • You may feel tempted to take along your expensive candle collection, but don’t! Candles are generally a no no in halls, instead, switch it up and purchase a reed diffuser. This way you can get a great smelling room without the risk of it being confiscated (we speak from experience here).
  • Light it up girl! Get yourself a great selection of warm toned fairy lights and go crazy. Not only are fairy lights cheap and versatile, they are a great way to warm up a dull room. Stick them around your mirror, along your bed or round the window – trust us, your friends will be jealous of your chic decoration style.
  •  Fancy a bit of DIY? Grab yourself some chalkboard paint, a piece of wood and you’ve created yourself a reusable notice board! Perfect for getting the creative juices flowing!
  • Small, inexpensive trinkets and ornaments can make a dull working environment a positive and inspirational place to get your thinking mind moving. Motivational quotes, souvenirs and festival wristbands can give you an instant boost of brain power.screen-shot-2017-09-19-at-14-12-24Chances are, greenery is a thing of the past once you’ve entered halls of residence. So add a slice of the outdoors to your bedroom with a few small house plants! A selection of well placed succulents can keep your creativity and mental health in check, as well as looking ultra cool!
  • A simple and effective way to make a room feel like home is by adding photos. Not only giving you an instant reminder of happy memories, it fills up empty white space, creating a cosy vibe. (Top tip: use those free university printing credits you’ve been given to get a couple of photos printed off, they’ll never know!)
  • Soft furnishings are your best friend. Likelihood is that you’ll be spending a lot of time in your room, whether that’s to sleep, work or chill. You want it to be a comfortable environment. Purchase yourself a couple of affordable cushions and throws to cosy up the space.
  • No doubt your mum will send you packing with enough room decor to last you a lifetime, but it is super important to feel safe and comfortable in your halls room, especially during the first few months away from home! Do you have any other top tips to making your room a thing of dreams?

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