Student Profile: Tabitha, psychology student

Meet The Unibox Ambassadors

Our Uni Ambassadors champion our Boxes around campus and via their social media channels, helping us to spread the word about The Unibox and student wellbeing.

We caught up with Tabitha, who has been a Unibox Ambassador for the past year!

First things first, what subject are you studying and what year are you in?

I am studying Psychology and I am going into my third year!

What do you think is most important: luck or hard-graft?

I definitely think that hard graft is more important than luck. Sure, some people are extremely lucky but this is rare, and if you work hard enough it will definitely pay off in the end. Plus it feels so much more rewarding to succeed at something when you know you’ve put in lots of time, effort and energy.

We all know wellbeing and self-care is important. What do you do when you feel in need of a little bit of TLC (tender loving care)?

When in need of TLC I surround myself with lovely people and amazing food. I also like to have a little pamper evening and I find that doing my nails and putting on a hair treatment whilst watching a film can make me feel a lot better!

Give us your best ‘student’ tip.

My best student tip would be to be brave and SAY YES to as many opportunities as you can! I definitely think that it’s important to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves to you. You might not enjoy them all but equally you might find something that you are incredibly passionate about. And at least you won’t regret not giving it a go.

Tell us a secret.

I chose a psychology degree over training to become a dancer!

Tell us what you like most about The Unibox.

What I love most about The Unibox is that you get introduced to so many products that you may not have known about otherwise. It’s always a surprise what you get each month and the variety in each box means that there’s always something for everybody.

September’s ‘You Got This’ box is all about motivation and starting the new academic year in the most positive way. What do you do when you’re in need of motivation?

When I need motivation I just pick myself up, get on my fancy clothes, do my hair and makeup all nice and go for drinks with the girls! I think this is the best way to lift my spirits and being among a group of friends that support me gives me motivation to work hard and make something of myself.

Thanks Tabitha! Hoping your third year is massively successful for you in every way. If you want to discover more about Tabitha, she’s happy for you to follow her Instagram account or YouTube channel.

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