March Bloom Unibox

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The March theme was ‘Bloom’. A celebration of Spring, warmer weather, and Easter break!

This box included:

  • EXCLUSIVE – A pouch created especially for this month’s box! Gorgeous quote ‘Bloom where you are planted’ designed by the talented @reverieink. Perfect for toiletries or pens, making your uni bag a bit tidier.
  • Weekly Planner A5 Notepad – It’s time to start planning for the final few months of uni work! We fell in love with this stunning design from @MoiraFuller readapted just for us. 50 pages.
  • Goupie Easter Egg – How precious is this egg?! Once opened there are lots of delicious vegan chocolates inside. Then you can keep the egg to store a few more treasures. 
  • Spring means it’s time to up our healthy nutrition. Miracle Matcha have made it a tad easier with their Healthy Mix In which you can include in pretty much all your meals. We’ve had in smoothies, porridge, soup, and yogurt.
  • Cawston Press is made by people who have a love and understanding for creating delicious tasting drinks that you can feel good about drinking. Their Rhubard drink really makes you feel like summer is already here, and we can’t get enough!
  • Making our lives more colourful since 2014, Merci Handy have created this deliciously smelling hand cream called New Wave. New Wave is a scent that goes with the flow. It washes over your hands and leaves them with a fresh, invigorating fragrance.
  • Did you know that over 10 million tonnes of food are wasted every year in the UK?! Crazy right! Spare Fruit uses unwanted wonky fruit to create delicious fruit crisps. One of our favourites on the go healthy snacks!
  • Tub Zine – included articles on chocolate and spring cleaning!
  • Quote card of the month. collect a new one every month!

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