Meet The Unibox Ambassadors – Jessica, 2nd year student

Our Uni Ambassadors are all students too so they provide great, relevant feedback on our boxes and the contents.

We caught up with Jessica G, who is a new Unibox Ambassador this year and has just received her second ever Unibox.

Hi Jessica, what subject are you studying and what year are you in?

I’m currently in my second year, studying English Language and Linguistics.

What do you think is most important: luck or hard-graft?

I’d say that hard-graft results in luck. I think that taking chances, working hard and showing initiative invites opportunity and those opportunities make us believe we are lucky. Its easy to believe some people are lucky and some people arent but most of the time, luck and hard-graft go hand in hand.

We all know wellbeing and self-care is important. What do you do when you feel in need of a little bit of TLC (tender loving care)?

I often find that Im feeling down because Im stressed or anxious, so I like to watch things that make me feel calm and comforted, like my favourite show or a particular YouTuber. It’s even better to do this with people who make you feel calm, which is usually my boyfriend, best-friend or most likely, my dog.

Give us your best ‘student’ tip.

Dont struggle in silence! Being a student is stressful and so many students think theyre alone in this, but trust me, you arent. If youre finding the work hard or feel like your mental health has taken a hit, talk to other students, lecturers or tutors and they will be so happy to help.

Tell us a secret.

I have a massive sweet tooth and I cannot survive the day without some sugar (oops).

 Tell us what you like most about The Unibox.

I love that the contents of each box are genuinely catered to students. Each product is something I would genuinely use, and I love that youre introduced to new Brands you may not have heard of before.

What was your favourite item from the last Unibox you received and why?

Leading on from the last question, I loved the Sweet Deceits Salted Caramel Brownie from the September box which was not only incredible but also vegan. I hadnt heard of Sweet Deceits before and Ive been obsessed ever since!

October’s Unibox theme is ‘Halloween & Pumpkins’. Do you have a favourite pumpkin dish or drink?

I do love a Pumpkin Spice Lattewhich is super basic of me (I know) but theyre popular for a reason right?

Thanks Jess! Hoping your Autumn term is going well so far.

If you want to discover more about Jessica, she’s happy for you to follow her Instagram account or blog.

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