May Exam Survival ’18

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The May theme was ‘Exam Survival’. A box made to help with exams and the final weeks before the end of uni!

This box included:

  • We love a hot drink, we also love being ultra-efficient. Combining tea and vitamins really looked like a brilliant combo! This month’s box included the Boost Raspberry & Pomegranate tea from Tplus which is green tea with vitamins. High in B6 + B12 this ‘smarter tea’ is definitely a winner.
  • Speaking of ‘boosts’ Lux boxes included 2 sachets of Brain Zyme supplement cognitive enhancers (nutritional, natural & herbal nootropics) to help with concentration and focus. The Original and the Professional. 
  • Let’s face it we usually lose our notes and don’t like to carry notebooks around everywhere – however, we would never leave our phone behind! Oxford stationery has developed the Campus collection who work the Scribzee app and enable you to always have your notes on you. A5 – 140pages.
  • Snacks are a true brain fuel – new brand on the block Real Handful have created delicious to go snacks, a real handful of natural goodness. This month we included their Strawberry Stomp! Check out all their flavours!
  • Pamper is crucial in our opinion and Optiat have created the best of both worlds. 100% natural, certified organic face masks made from repurposed unloved hemp husks (a natural by-product of the manufacture of hemp seeds) collected from a hemp farm in the English countryside. Their face masks are amazing for your skin and do good in the world.
  • Nothing beats a goods night sleep, this month we included a very popular spray amongts our subscribers ‘Help Me Its Way Past My Bedtime’ spray from HelpMeOrganics. By combining melissa, lavender, eucaluptus radiata and ginger essential oils with organic witch hazel, HMO have produced an effective calming spray that will help relax.
  • Tub Zine – included recipes, lifehacks, and adult colouring!
  • Quote card of the month, collect a new one every month!


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