Festi Glitz Tutorial

Hey Festival peepz,

So you want to get your glitter on? You came to the correct place.

Here is our quick and mega simple guide to glittering up for festival season 🎉


We use the Festi Glitz Kit included in the Festival Unibox, however you can use vaseline and cotton dubs to replace the gel fixer and the applicators.

Step One: Remove one of the doe foot applicators (the small black wand) and the glitter fix gel from the pack. You can easily replace the glitter fix gel by vaseline. Place a pea sized amount of the fixative on the back of your hand.

Step Two: Use the applicator to gently pat the fixing gel onto the area of your face or body you desire.

Step Three: Dip the applicator into the glitter and pat onto the glued area.


Voila! You are now festival worthy – go fourth and spread the GLITTER!

P.S: Gent’s do not fear, glitter beards are very on point this season!



TIP FOR EXTRA SPARKLE: Cut the strips of diamonds included in pack into single gems and stick evenly spaced in an arch above each eyebrow. The gems already have an adhesive back so no need for glue!




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