Feb 18 ‘I Love Me’ box

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February is the month of love, we wanted to create an extra special pampering experience! Our theme for this box was ‘I Love Me’ embracing all thing self-love and self-care. 

This box includes: 

  • EXCLUSIVE – We wanted to create an extra special reminder to take some chill time for yourself. Which is why we partnered with the amazing Maeve from Too Wordy to bring you an exclusive mug with the words ‘Me Time’ on the front in a peaceful and soothing colour. 
  • EXCLUSIVE – Making lists and writing in general can really help focus the mind. The A5 notepad created exclusively for us was designed with this in mind. A forest theme to help concentrate and find calm. 
  • In our book – whoever says mug says Mug Cakes! Each Unibox included a pack of 3 Mug Cake sachets to create an extra quick pick-me-up! Bakedin‘s creations are delicious and practical.
  • Pamper time cannot be complete without a mask of some sort. We kept it practical by including a soothing eye sheet mask from Aeria. They are cruelty-free and so easy to use. Plus you look a bit like a superhero which is very empowering. 
  • We know how much you love it when we include Cocoa+ chocolates – chocolate with extra proteins, you can’t go wrong with that especially when they are in heart shapes 😉
  • After all this chocolate lets ‘s rebalance by adding some extra nutrition in our meals via Munchy Seeds sachets. Deliciously healthy.  
  • We love a heartwarming drink and we couldn’t think of a better fit than the Pukka Love tea! The soft embrace of chamomile and lavender soothe your soul.
 A tea made with love, dedicated to love and called Love.  How lovely is that?
  • Our Mini Mag included tips on Falling back in (self) love, why exercise, recipe and more. 
  • Our quote card of the month

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