The Xmas Hampers are here!

The perfect gift this Christmas! We’ve created two hampers for you to choose from. Our original and our Lux! Need to treat a loved one – you can’t go wrong with one of these hampers! 

For each hamper, you can choose the type of Hot Chocolate you would like included. All parcels will be in mailer bags to keep them a surprise!


Supplier Showcase – Grace & Honey

 In our December Unibox we’ve included an exclusive candle by literature-inspired artisan producer Grace & Honey (we are SO excited – it’ll be our first ever candle!). We caught up with Founder Becca to find out how her Company came to be…


Wide awake – and Worried

Lying awake in the small hours, with anxious thoughts seemingly your only company, is no fun. Here’s how to put them in their place and get some precious sleep.

Picture the scene. You’ve woken up in the middle of the night or early morning. The rest of the house is quiet (aside from the odd snore), it’s dark and your mind has leapt into action with thoughts and worries spinning around at high speed. You don’t want to be awake, you don’t want to have these thoughts, you feel alone and your own mind is driving you crazy. You just want your brain to stop, you’re tired, anxious and you want to be asleep.


Meet The Unibox Ambassadors – Astrud, year 3

The clocks have turned back and the nights are measurably darker and chillier – the perfect season to find a nook and get cosy with a blanket and a good book!

Astrud has been a Unibox Ambassador for a over a year and had just received her October Unibox when we caught up with her.


Meet our Supplier: Heather from HAUS OF HEATHER

September’s ‘You Got This’ Unibox included an exclusive Goal Planner designed by Haus of Heather, and Heather Shears is working with The Unibox again on a new item for the November ‘Sweet Dreams’ box. We probed Heather to discover a bit more about the person behind the brand…

1. Describe Haus of Heather for us.

Haus of Heather is my creative journey; originally it was my online portfolio, which consisted of styling, makeup, photography, illustration and more. Now, it is my freelance business in illustration, mural art and branding.


Meet The Unibox Ambassadors – Jessica, 2nd year student

Our Uni Ambassadors are all students too so they provide great, relevant feedback on our boxes and the contents.

We caught up with Jessica G, who is a new Unibox Ambassador this year and has just received her second ever Unibox.


5 reasons Sleep is the BEST!

Although sleep is absolutely necessary, many people have a love-hate relationship with it. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to hear students say, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” That viewpoint may help you cram in deadlines and parties, but it’s definitely not doing you any favours in the long run or even the short term.

Here are our top 5 reasons we think sleep is the best, and why it can be your best ally as a student! (more…)

November Unibox Sneak Peek inside!!

Laura, co-founder of Sweet Deceits

September’s ‘You Got This’ Unibox contains the rather more-ish, vegan Salted Caramel Brownie from Sweet Deceits. We’re always intrigued by the story behind the brand, so we set down with Co-Founder Laura to find out more… (more…)

Student Profile: Tabitha, psychology student

Meet The Unibox Ambassadors

Our Uni Ambassadors champion our Boxes around campus and via their social media channels, helping us to spread the word about The Unibox and student wellbeing.

We caught up with Tabitha, who has been a Unibox Ambassador for the past year!


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