Kickstart the new academic year in kickass style

The Unibox’s tips and tricks for getting off on the best foot possible at the beginning of the new academic year – and owning the socks off it.

A bit like making New Year’s resolutions for January 1steach year, only better. Polish your resolve and make yourself a few good promises this autumn for the best possible start to the new university year.


The health benefits of chocolate

No point feeling guilty about the chocolate you are craving or have already eaten! Did you know that chocolate could actually be good for you? Chocolate – provided you’re eating a high quality dark chocolate with a high (70%+) cocoa content – has a number of scientifically proven health benefits when eaten in moderation. Here are some of them:

4 things you should clean right now!

In keeping with the spring clean theme, here are four things we use all the time and don’t clean nearly as often as we should:

Why exercise when you really don’t want to!

Maybe your New Year’s resolution was to get more exercise? You wouldn’t be alone. Exercising more is the most common New Year’s resolution. That’s not surprising given that the benefits of exercise are drummed into our heads on a near-daily basis. And it’s true, exercise is really good for us. A lot of the benefits of exercise are long-term. But there are immediate benefits too, and some of them are especially relevant to university students:


6 Self-care Tips for Students

As students you are notoriously short of time, but that’s why it’s especially important to make some time for self-care. Here are six things you can do RIGHT NOW in 10-20 minutes which will leave you feeling uplifted:


Top 10 Self-care Podcasts to discover today!

Self-care while you multi-task!

Here at Unibox, we are huge podcast fans. We listen during our commutes, while we cook and clean, and sometimes when we’re just flopped on the couch. Whether, like us, you already subscribe to a hundred shows or you’re relatively new to podcasts, there’s always something awesome to discover. Here are 10 podcasts we love that will help get you into the self-love mindset:


4 reasons to start reading a book today!

Studies show that the older we get the less we read for pleasure. It could be that we start losing the love for reading when we start spending more time on our studies. Simply, reading then becomes a chore associated with studying and we forget the joys of reading just for the heck of reading. So here are a few reminders as to why you should reconnect with books and read for pleasure. Your overall wellbeing can greatly benefit from spending a few hours a week with a book and here are 4 scientifically backed reasons why!


10 Autumn Wellness Tips

1) Start taking a Vitamin D supplement. We get most of our Vitamin D from the sun, so our intake decreases when the weather is colder since we spend most of our time inside during the autumn/winter seasons. If you find that you are not getting outside much, a Vitamin D supplement can boost your mood and immune system! (You can get a Multivit Spray here

2) Buy in-season food. Beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, aubergine, kale, pumpkin, broths, roasted squash, roots and sautéed dark leafy greens are all great choices. 


Double, Double Toil and Trouble – Throw a scaringly good student Halloween party

Staying in is the new going out, get crafty this October and throw your very own Halloween party. When you read our top tips for hosting the perfect Halloween party, your inner wicked witch will be itching to get planning!


Interview with founder of Maison de Choup

Interview with George Hodgson, Founder of MAISON DE CHOUP, 21

The fashion house with a mental health cause at its heart. MdC has evolved from a single voice into a unique collective of young artists and designers, creating contemporary minimalist essentials.

What inspired you to create Maison de Choup?
Stemming from my severe anxiety episode of 3 years back in 2014, Maison de Choup started as a mere project in my father’s office. I began putting the sketches I’d frantically drawn through the height of my anxiety onto T-Shirts in Photoshop, as I did this I thought to myself “I could take this further to create something beautiful”. Maison de Choup was born and the journey to help young mental health sufferers through fashion begun.

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