April’s So Freaken’ Zen Sneak Peek

Dying to find out what surprises are in store for you in your next Unibox or UniPocket? SPOILER ALERT…!


Interview with Fran from the Happi Empire

‘In The Unibox’ – Supplier Focus

Find out more about one of our amazing suppliers this month: Frances Verbeek! We include one of her Happi Empire creations in the  April ‘So Freakin’ Zen’ UniBox and UniPocket.


What’s Your ‘Attachment Style’?

Attachment styles.

‘Attachment styles’ develop as we grow up and play a huge role in our relationships with people, and also how we survive or thrive at work and study.

Identify your attachment style, and you can take control of how you manage your time.


Student Interview: Rachael Farrington

Voting Counts.

We’ve been speaking with Rachael Farrington who founded ‘Voting Counts’ when she was still a University student herself. We asked her to tell us more about herself and her organisation…


8 Ways To Find Your Zen

So Freakin' Zen.

For April’s UniBox & UniPocket we’re So Freakin’ Zen

Here’s 8 ways you can find your Zen:


Supplier Showcase – Liz Harry Design

We worked with the fabulous Liz Harry for our February ‘Be A Unicorn’ UniBox and UniPocket. We asked her to share a little about herself and her work…


Why Vision Boards Work and How To Do Yours

There is always time to start the year right! Vision boards are a great way to set yourself off to achieve your goals. We are certainly giving it a try and therefore wanted to share why you should to and how to go about it! 


Why GREEN is the new Black

Pukka Supreme Matcha Green Tea.

Looking to level up your tea? Go Green!


February Sneak Peek…! Shhhhh

The Xmas Hampers are here!

The perfect gift this Christmas! We’ve created two hampers for you to choose from. Our original and our Lux! Need to treat a loved one – you can’t go wrong with one of these hampers! 

For each hamper, you can choose the type of Hot Chocolate you would like included. All parcels will be in mailer bags to keep them a surprise!


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