April Lux Unibox ’18

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The April theme was ‘Brain Fuel’. A box made to help with revisions and the dissertation deadlines!

This box included:

  • Pukka 7 Day Brainwave Kits – An inspiring 7 day organic herbal tea and supplements kit, created to bring clarity and focus to your week. 7 sachets of Turmeric Gold tea, 14 capsules of Turmeric Brainwave food supplement, A wellbeing guide with wellbeing tips and recipes by our expert herbalists!
  • A Virtue Drink – As we aren’t fans of all the rubbish included in most energy drinks we love that Virtue is all natural! Each can contains the same amount of natural caffeine as a cup of coffee (80mg). Our energy comes from natural sources including yerba maté, guarana and ginseng.
  • If you have a sweet tooth but like healthier alternatives than Sweet Deceits will be your new best friend (sure is for us!). They do home baking kits as well as individual brownies and now even have a brownie subscription box!
  • EXCLUSIVE – We love a good planner and this time we created a daily goal planner with #Goaldigger design 😉
  • Good sleep is a must to help you achieve your dreams (hehe), for the first time ever we included a sleeping mask, and not just any mask – we went for a luxurious 100% silk mask from Jasmin Silk.
  • RESCUE PLUS® Lozenge combines Pantothenic acid, better known as Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B12, with the RESCUE® essences in a soothing lozenge with a natural orange and elderflower liquid centre. This combination of B vitamins has been specifically selected to support your daily performance even on busy days. Pantothenic acid (B5) helps support normal mental performance & Vitamin B12 helps maintain normal psychological function.
  • Tub Zine – included articles on chocolate and spring cleaning!
  • Quote card of the month. collect a new one every month!

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