The Vison

The Unibox is more than a subscription box. We are on a mission to empower & inspire students all over the UK to create balance in their lives, offering some much-needed wellbeing, a dose of ‘home love’; and exciting pick-me-ups.

Every month, the products change and are often sourced from UK start-ups and independent companies, including luxurious treats (a reminder to slow down and indulge), practical essentials to help with the stress of coursework, exams and time-management and nourishing, full-sized products that love the environment as much as you’ll love them. We also include the TUB Zine, a mini magazine with tips, interviews with graduates, recipes from students and, if that wasn’t enough, we also have exclusive monthly perks, bonuses and competitions for our subscribers.

The Story

‘University years are the best of your life’. Or rather, they should at least be among them.

Like many, university was where I first discovered the true meaning of independence. I was free and wholly responsible for myself. Like most parents my mum worried about me and, despite my protestations that I was ‘fine, thriving, in fact’, she was right to.

Not only wasn’t I ‘thriving’, I was barely surviving!

The combination of constant deadlines, pressurised exams, a social life that makes Miley Cyrus look boring, and taking care of all new domestic duties on a budget saw me struggling to find balance, while my parents’ well-intentioned ‘helpful handout’s’ only served to delay the inevitable. And that’s not even mentioning the pressures of future employment, figuring out what we want to do in life, the economy etc.

Let’s just say that wellbeing, balance, self-love and self-care were not terms we knew.

Unfortunately, that trend seems to be gradually be increasing rather than decreasing! “An international study has found the UK’s ‘Generation Z’ (classed as those aged 15 to 21) to be among the unhappiest in the world.” (http://bit.ly/2qMCTP8)

Whilst at university, I was very envious of my housemate receiving regular surprise parcels from his parents. As a student, I certainly needed a regular boost. Therefore, I decided I would get myself some surprise parcels too! In the process, I tried multiple subscription boxes, loving the surprises, and the comfort it brought. Something to look forward to and a special self-treat. However, none seemed to be tailored to my student life. I needed relevant products, and more motivation! #slowmail

The idea for the Unibox was born!

"What impressed me was the contents is stuff I would not think of, but I know they are interested in e.g. non-caffeine boosters and revision cards are timely.”

Olwen D. Mum of two uni students

“I just wanted to let you know how thrilled Olivia has been with the two “Uniboxes” she has received. They are absolutely fantastic and have been just the uplift she’s needed in the approach to her final exams. The boxes are so well thought out and have been absolutely perfect for her!”

Deborah D.

“Just wanted to say how great your Uniboxes are. I signed up on a whim for our daughter who was finding things hard at uni and it really brightens her week when it arrives. I love the hand written notes especially, she finds them comforting.”



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