10 Ways to Learn Faster

So little time, so much to learn! Here are 10 tips on how best ways to learn, that’s right, LEARN, not just memorize for the purpose of Friday’s exam. So put the kettle on, grab a biccy, and take five to give our top tips on how to learn faster a quick read.


First off lets get our little grey cells fired up!

1) PREPARE YOUR BRAIN Just like when you’re preparing your body for sport, your brain needs a warm up. The best way to do this is by doing little activities such as simple math, go grab that sudoku book thats been gathering dust in the bathroom and do a puzzle.

2) PLAN “Before anything else, preparation is key to success.” (Alexander Graham Bell) Without any kind of structure, your study regime will fail. It is good to set yourself tasks, an order and time limits. It is also important to give yourself regular breaks and realistic targets. Your brain can only focus on one task for 45 mins so try to keep them short.

3) VARIETY Vary your session, using different studying methods and visualizing techniques can access different memory triggers in your brain. Try varying topics too so that your brain can remain focused.

4) SHARE  Translate what you have learned, by explaining it to a third party preferably someone with little knowledge on the subject. This helps your brain to move it from the short term memory to long term memory part of the brain.

5) SPACE The place in which you study is key. Moving to a different room, going to a cafe or a library is important and the change of scenery can be great mental stimulation. Wherever you do decide to study make sure that the environment is clean, well lit and a pleasant temperature.

6) MEDITATE Practice meditation. Scientific research shows that meditation improves concentration span enough to make learning sessions noticeably more productive.

7) SNACK That’s the best news we’ve had so far! Dark chocolate is the best thing to munch on whilst revising as it releases dopamine in the brain which improves our ability to take on information and to concentrate. But remember its got to be over 70% cocoa.

8) YOGA Yoga is a great way to de-stress and is very simple to learn from home. Use yoga in between studying sessions a break from working. You can use free yoga Apps such as: Down Dog, 5 Minute Yoga (both available on the app store)

9) HOBBIES Playing a musical instrument increases your ability to not only learn new things but improves your concentration span too. If you play an instrument then use it during study breaks, if not why not pick up a new hobby? Taking up new activities also expands the period of which you can concentrate on a task for.

10) SLEEP Finally, sleep! We all know that a lack of sleep negatively affects brain function. So lets get old school, set yourself a bed time. A realistic one you know you can stick to. When you do go to bed, ensure electrical devices such as phones and televisions are off too, as they will decrease the quality of your sleep.

Now you are all set to go study (super effectively)! Give some of these tips a go and let us know if you notice a difference!

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