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April Box
april box

Here are all the goodies from the Spring Unibox!


Sardine Paper Clips

Nothing helps prepping exams and studying as much as fun stationery, especially if it comes in sardine can!
grow your own

Grow Your Own Chilli Plants

Grow your own Chilli plant kit! Our very own Unibox chilli plant had 15 chillies this year! As you know, plants are a great stress reliever now you can have one on your desk.
sweet freedom

Sweet Freedom Choc Shot

April is all about chocolate! Choc Shots is natural made from pure fruit sweetness, No chemical processing, No additives or preservatives, Free from dairy, gluten, nuts & GMOs, Suitable for vegans! Makes super smooth hot choc & turns porridge, pancakes, fruit & yoghurt into tasty treats.
munchy seeds

Munchy Seeds

Chilli & Honey Flavour
The story of these tasty little toasted treats goes way back to the founder's Granny whose toasted two seed blend started it all. You will be lucky enough to enjoy 2 flavours; honey seeds & chilli seeds. Make sure to checkout the website for recipes to make the most of them!
Good Full Stop

Good Full Stop

Mocha & Caffeine Fruit & Nut Bar
Full of beans and so good" Full stop have created the Mocha & Caffeine fruit and nut bar to keep you energized and fill you up. It's gluten free and suitable for both veggies and vegans.

Cocoa Plus

Easter has never been so healthy, thanks to this delicious high protein chocolate egg. With a beautiful, crafted badge of crispie's on the front, infused with the finest quality whey protein from grass fed cows. Have a cracking Easter!
Go Stationery

Go Stationery

Daydreams Notebook
"Go" stationery Serenity range of hand painted notebook covers and silver foiled wording are bound to inspire mindfulness and encourage relaxation.
Merci Handy

Merci Handy

This is the best smelling hand sanitizer to ever cross our palms. Thanks to its pocket size this truly convenient hand wash can be used on the go and it wont dry your hands out either.
april magazine

TheUnibox Magazine

This month we focus on the Impostor syndrome, how to 'give back' for free and with little time, delicious recipes, a mindfulness challenge and more!

March Box
march box

Surprise! Here are the amazing goodies in your March Unibox!
Read below to find out more about each specific product.

help me organics


For a sound night sleep simply spray this melissa, lavender, ylang ylang and ginger medley in your room or spray onto a tissue and put beneath your pillow.
department store for the mind


The journey into our own minds is the most challenging but worthwhile adventure any of us can embark on. Dept. store for the mind's products are designed to help you celebrate your best capacities.


Sebamed Grapefruit shower gel is soap free and helps support the skin's own moisture balance, it is environmentally friendly and a great way to wake up in the morning!


Created by two cousins in a garden shed - Popcorn Shed was born! They're a home-grown, family owned and operated business, established in GB, we hope your taste buds love their popcorn as much as we do.


Make your revision notes more interesting to look at with Luckies rainbow sticky notes. Perfect for leaving passive aggressive notes to messy flatmates, making reminders and organizational labels.


The plant used to make Yuyo's Yerba Mate drink (ilex paraguariensis) is a member of the holly family, indigenous to southern Brazil. Their energizing infusions wont leave you with the normal caffeine crash.
creative nature


Creative Nature is a young, ethical organisation that was established to promote health, creativity and respect for the environment, by increasing awareness of environmental, social and health issues, and by providing the highest quality natural products.


It's power + pleasure. Fuel the body and satisfy cravings. It's fitness + flair. High quality protein fused with indulgent chocolate.


This month we have tips to find better sleep, interview with students, easy & healthy recipes and more

February Box

Below is the content of the February box!



Liven up your cup! With Litle's, infused instant coffees. Available in over 12 inventive flavors!


A light, tasty and crunchy treat, entirely free from artificial colours and preservatives - all pleasure without the guilt.
mallow and marsh


Meet Mallow&Marsh, a melt in your mouth, light as a feather, deliciously low-cal marshmallow bar.


The original Nom bar is packed full of organic ingredients including gluten free jumbo oats for slow release energy, coconut oil and yummy cacao nibs.


With one spray you will get 14 essential nutrients straight into your bloodstream. With 40 days worth in one bottle.
faith in nature


Faith soaps are pure vegetable soaps, high in natural extracts to gently cleanse, tone and refresh without drying the skin. And they are Vegan!

We have designed an exclusive Unibox travel mug, so you can power up on the go!

unibox mug
January Box

The contents of the Unibox change every month so that they never get boring!

nonom unibox

NOMNOM Chocolate

Deep West in the hills of Wales (in a cowshed) A young team of rascals conjure and craft the glorious flavours of our great British makers & growers and tailor them, by hand, in the fine silks of the world's greatest Cacaos.
unibox purition


Born by a group of passionate individuals from Australia and the UK, we have combined expertise to create the focused natural nutrition we crave. Purition is 100% natural, meaning there's nothing artificial about it. Each serving contains 20 grams of whey protein.

Spare Fruit

Spare Fruit transform surplus fruit from small British farms into 100% fruit crisps. Battling food waste and making amazing natural snacks! There will be a full size bag of Apple Crisps in every Unibox.
teapigs unibox


Teapigs make a big thing about using quality real tea. Whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs, whole berries, whole spices and whole flowers. Not the dusty stuff you’ll find in regular paper teabags.
Super excited to have teapigs tea in the January box!


VOOST was originally developed for Australians by Australian Naturopaths and product developers in Germany. They have gained a huge following for their premium effervescent tablets which can now be found worldwide!
There will be a full size tube of VOOST tablets in every box!


All BubbleOff! products are hand made in Manchester by two sisters Emily & Clare. BubbleOff! is accredited by PETA and their products are Vegan and Cruelty Free.
There will be a full size 125ml bottle of Tonka Bean & Lime Room Spray in every box – insuring Student’s rooms stay fresh & chemical free!
unibox student card holder

Unibox – Student Card Holder

Phones store pretty much everything we need nowadays & now they will even be able to hold your student card! No need to endlessly look through your pockets anymore!


We have an exclusive partnership with the new app Teech! Every Unibox subscriber will receive a £20 voucher to try the app. Teech connects students with hundreds of mentors from top UK universities - Oxford, Cambridge, LSE...- who will answer any of their maths or science questions in live video calls.
unibox magazine

Unibox – Mini Magazine

The UniMag is a mini mag included in every box. The theme of the month is Goal Setting. There will also be recipes, tips, and much more.

handwritten note

handwritten note

A handwritten note with either a note from the sender or a special message from us will be the first item students will find when they unwrap their box!