La box pour les étudiants en Angleterre


After years of hearing about families not knowing what to send their loved ones whilst they were at university, nor finding the time to do so, and worrying about how they were coping, we decided to help and create the care packages we wished we had gotten!

The Unibox is a service for parents, family and friends of university students. Every month we will send out a care package with the best and most appropriate content to enhance your loved one’s university experience. The perfect student hamper.

You do the caring, and we do the rest.

A key part of our service is the curation of the box. We make sure it fits university students needs depending on the academic calendar.

Therefore, you don't need to worry about choosing what goes in. We work very closely with brands and retail partners to ensure that Unibox sends fun, useful, and relevant products every month.

While The Unibox does not currently offer plans that accommodate dietary restrictions, we do focus on wholesome treats and often have some of the monthly treats be vegan and/or gluten free.
We will base our shipping around the academic year. The address can be changed at any time before shipping by accessing your account click LOGIN on the navigation panel or link below: Spring Semester

Spring Semester

•January 16th-18th

•February 13th-15th

•March 13th-15th

•April 17th-19th

•May – first week of the month

•June – Last week of May/First week of June

We currently only ship in the U.K.

Shipping is Free.

If you are interested in a Summer Box - let us know! If enough people are interested we will create them! Email us at:

  • Monthly subscriptions - Billed upon the initial purchase of the plan, and billed once every month thereafter. You can cancel & skip ANYTIME before the end of the month. For instance if you do not wish to have a February box delivered you have until the 30th of January to cancel your subscription.
  • Pre-paid subscriptions - Includes 3-month, 6-month, 12-months. Billing for all prepaid subscriptions occurs immediately. If you do not wish for it to renew automatically - no problem you can either amend this on your account or send us a quick email and we will amend this for you. No cancellations or refunds.

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