10 festival tips you’ll wish you’d known last year!

Every year hundreds of students take to the likes of Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds, Beautiful Days, Boomtown and all the other awesome UK festivals.

But as many festival-goers will tell you, it’s not a walk in the park (more like stuck in the mud!).

There are countless tips and hacks out there that any regular camper will have heard of: you know, like bringing baby wipes instead of showering, taking an old phone with a decent battery, and something about strapping a headlight to a water bottle for a dim glow of a light.

Instead, we’ve rounded up some of the best tips out there that you may not have heard of that are sure to make your next festival a breeze.

5 Ways to Give Back For Free!

Money and time might be running tight but you still want to do something for the world?
Fear not, the internet provides plenty of ways for you to give back for free and with minimum time investment, if any at all! (more…)

Top 10 Funniest Exam Stories

We started asking around about exam mishaps to students (past and present) and the stories we got were better than we could have ever imagined! – sorry – not sorry. ENJOY!


10 Ways to Learn Faster

So little time, so much to learn! Here are 10 tips on how best ways to learn, that’s right, LEARN, not just memorize for the purpose of Friday’s exam. So put the kettle on, grab a biccy, and take five to give our top tips on how to learn faster a quick read.


Interview with Claire, co-founder of HELPMEORGANICS

Claire and her mum created “HELPMEORGANICS“. HELPMEORGANICS create products which are Organic, Vegan, Paraben Free and Handmade using aromatherapy oils. One of their full size products features in our March Unibox!

Q: Hi Claire, What is your role in HELPMEORGANICS?
A: I am what you would call a “Creative Director” of HELPMEORGANICS, which is pretty much a fancy way of saying that I am responsible for everything to do with branding and marketing side of things. Being the daughter of a business owner, I feel as though it is in my blood to always be thinking of new creations and funky names and designs. So, when my Mum explained how she wanted to create her own line of health and lifestyle products to go in her salon, I obviously wanted to help and be involved in the creation of what could become my first venture into owning and growing a business. For an 19-year-old gap year student, that was pretty exciting.

Oat and Raisin Cookies by Fran from Fran’s Food Stories

Everyone loves cookies, I don’t know a single person who doesn’t! Oat and raisin cookies are my favourite, especially when they are fresh and still warm out of the oven. Having said that when I made these cookies the other day, I baked half and kept half in the fridge as cookie dough and it was dreamy!


5 Steps to a Successful Mind-set to achieve your goals

There are certain universal contributors to being successful, a lot of which are very simple and only involve a small amount of tweaking of our mind-set in order to achieve our goals.

“Changing the game is a mind-set”

Robert Rodriguez.

6 steps to having the best uni experience

Unibox Student care package

Many of us will remember our undergraduate years as being the best years of our life. And why wouldn’t they be? University life is fun, it’s exciting, you’re making new friends, learning new things, and partying more than you ever thought was physically possible. But here’s the catch…

A Guide to the Holidays with Your Uni Student

Your child has finally fled the family nest to surround themselves with fellow millenials in a once in a lifetime experience: university. You’ve constantly felt their absence as their empty room remained empty and the family dynamics around the dinner table altered. You’ve cried about it once or twice and wished that they’d call you more often. But now is the time to dry your tears and rejoice, as Christmas is on the way!